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    Telephone & <%tel%>\\
    Facsimile & <%fax%>


\markboth{<%company%>\hfill <%invnumber%>}{\usebox{\hdr}}

%\thispagestyle{empty}     use this with letterhead paper

<%pagebreak 90 27 48%>

  \textbf{Subtotal} & \textbf{<%sumcarriedforward%>} \\


\markright{<%company%>\hfill <%invnumber%>}


  \textbf{Number} & \textbf{Description} & \textbf{Qt'y} &
    \textbf{Unit} & \textbf{Price} & \textbf{Disc} & \textbf{Amount} \\
  & carried forward from page <%lastpage%> & & & & & <%sumcarriedforward%> \\
<%end pagebreak%>










%<%if contact%>
%Attn: <%contact%>
%<%end contact%>

<%if customerphone%>
Tel: <%customerphone%>
<%end customerphone%>

<%if customerfax%>
Fax: <%customerfax%>
<%end customerfax%>

\textbf{Ship To








<%if shiptocontact%>
Attn: <%shiptocontact%>
<%end shiptocontact%>

<%if shiptophone%>
Tel: <%shiptophone%>
<%end shiptophone%>

<%if shiptofax%>
Fax: <%shiptofax%>
<%end shiptofax%>



\textbf{I N V O I C E}


  \textbf{Date} & <%invdate%> \\
  \textbf{Number} & <%invnumber%> \\
  \textbf{Order} & <%ordnumber%> \\
  \textbf{Clerk} & <%employee%>


  \textbf{Number} & \textbf{Description} & \textbf{Qt'y} &
    \textbf{Unit} & \textbf{Price} & \textbf{Disc} & \textbf{Amount} \\
<%foreach number%>
  <%number%> & <%description%> & <%qty%> &
    <%unit%> & <%sellprice%> & <%discount%> & <%linetotal%> \\
<%end number%>



  \textbf{Subtotal} & \textbf{<%subtotal%>} \\
<%foreach tax%>
  <%taxdescription%> on <%taxbase%> & <%tax%> \\
<%end tax%>
<%if paid%>
  \textbf{Paid} & - <%paid%> \\
<%end paid%>
  \textbf{Balance Owing} & \textbf{<%total%>} \\


  All prices in \textbf{<%currency%>} funds.


<%if notes%>
<%end if%>



<%if paid%>
  \textbf{Payments} & & & \\
  \textbf{Date} & \textbf{Account} & \textbf{Source} & \textbf{Amount} \\
<%end paid%>
<%foreach payment%>
  <%paymentdate%> & <%paymentaccount%> & <%paymentsource%> & <%payment%> \\
<%end payment%>
<%if paid%>
<%end paid%>


\centerline{\textbf{Thank You for your valued business!}}


Payment due NET <%terms%> Days from date of Invoice. Interest on overdue
amounts will acrue at the rate of 12\% per year starting <%duedate%>
until paid in full. Items returned are subject to a 10\% restocking charge.
A return authorization must be obtained from <%company%> before goods are
returned. Returns must be shipped prepaid and properly insured.
<%company%> will not be responsible for damages during transit.}