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122 5617d 10h baver /branches/r1_1_7-TEST-patches1/hvirtual/cinelerra/ PAL Autodetection update  
119 5619d 12h dyce /branches/r1_1_7-TEST-patches1/hvirtual/ Integrated the patch from Johannes Sixt that fix builds when srcdir != builddir.  
118 5621d 05h baver /branches/r1_1_7-TEST-patches1/hvirtual/cinelerra/ DV1394 NTSC output support -- really this time.  
117 5621d 05h baver /branches/r1_1_7-TEST-patches1/hvirtual/cinelerra/ Reverting back to due to misplaced patch.  
116 5621d 05h baver /branches/r1_1_7-TEST-patches1/hvirtual/cinelerra/ Initial DV1394 NTSC output support.  
115 5624d 01h dyce /branches/r1_1_7-TEST-patches1/hvirtual/cinelerra/ Disabled frame cache - patch from minmax from HEAD.  
114 5624d 01h dyce /branches/r1_1_7-TEST-patches1/hvirtual/plugins/fonts/ All TTF fonts and their fonts.dir file are properly installed again.  
113 5624d 16h dyce /branches/r1_1_7-TEST-patches1/hvirtual/cinelerra/ The stat hook can now resolve the original stat properly. This fixes a crash in the ALSA driver and possibly other crashes as well.  
111 5625d 10h dyce /branches/r1_1_7-TEST-patches1/hvirtual/ Fixed some dist-hook errors. It will not complain if the directories to be deleted don't exist.  
110 5625d 10h dyce /branches/r1_1_7-TEST-patches1/hvirtual/cinelerra/ The default plugin path is now $(prefix)/lib/cinelerra. The link from /usr/lib is not needed anymore.  
108 5625d 13h dyce /branches/r1_1_7-TEST-patches1/hvirtual/ Monster patch to get 'make dist' to create distributable tarballs.  
107 5625d 15h dyce /branches/r1_1_7-TEST-patches1/hvirtual/ Not everything should be linked with -lavcodec. Fixed.  
106 5626d 13h /branches/ This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
8 5758d 12h herman /branches/automake-1_1_6/hvirtual/ Importing 1.1.6 as a revision of 1.1.5  
3 5758d 12h /branches/ This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2 5758d 12h herman /trunk/ Initial revision  
1 5758d 12h / New repository initialized by cvs2svn.