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655 4921d 04h /branches/ This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'ffmpeg'.  
654 4921d 04h j6t /trunk/cinelerra/hvirtual/quicktime/ Initial revision  
652 4942d 06h giskard /trunk/cinelerra/hvirtual/ Modified Files:
651 4944d 03h minmax /trunk/cinelerra/hvirtual/plugins/libfourier/ Ok, wrong fix...  
650 4944d 03h minmax /trunk/cinelerra/hvirtual/ Add check for fftw3.h and libfftw3 ...  
649 4944d 03h minmax /trunk/cinelerra/hvirtual/plugins/libfourier/ the right place to fix :)  
648 4944d 03h minmax /trunk/cinelerra/hvirtual/plugins/fourier/ Add fftw3 to ldadd in  
647 4944d 03h minmax /trunk/cinelerra/hvirtual/plugins/libfourier/ fix a bordercase bug  
646 4946d 07h giskard /trunk/cinelerra/hvirtual/ Modified Files:
645 4946d 09h minmax /trunk/cinelerra/hvirtual/quicktime/ Apply patch as per bug 191
Fixes crush when opening files produced by Minolta DimageZ3
644 4947d 21h minmax /trunk/cinelerra/hvirtual/po/ ... fix  
643 4948d 01h minmax /trunk/cinelerra/hvirtual/debian/ Add fftw3-dev to debian dependencies  
642 4948d 01h minmax /trunk/cinelerra/hvirtual/plugins/ New pitch control plugin code, and based on the same code new timestretch
plugin which is now realtime!
This code brings
- libfourier now has advanced overlaping mode with custom oversampling
- libfourier in advanced mode uses fftw3 to be _fast_
- pitch control plugin is now at least useful (it wasn't before)
- timestretch plugin is now both useful and realtime (it wasn't before)
- architecture that makes it easy to fix other fft-depending plugins...

Thanks go out to Stephan Bernsee for creating great tutorials on
641 4948d 02h minmax /trunk/cinelerra/hvirtual/po/ Add pt_BR language  
640 4952d 04h benjif /trunk/cinelerra/hvirtual/plugins/diffkey/ Fixed YUV bug in diffkey  
639 4954d 12h giskard /trunk/cinelerra/hvirtual/ Committing in .
638 4955d 15h minmax /trunk/cinelerra/hvirtual/cinelerra/ Add jan to the credits  
637 4955d 15h minmax /trunk/cinelerra/hvirtual/ fix control file,  
636 4955d 15h minmax /trunk/cinelerra/hvirtual/cinelerra/ j^'s ( patch to mux ogg in a way compilant with specification y - makes oggz-validate
happy and probably some players also
Thanks also go to MikeS for helping j^.
635 4955d 18h pmdumuid /trunk/cinelerra/hvirtual/ Autoconf style fix in order to compila with new mjpegtools  

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