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22411 5701d 12h andreas /branches/from_wls2_n20030730_BRANCH/src/webmin-ldap-skolelinux/html-templates/ add missing file  
22408 5701d 13h andreas /branches/from_wls2_n20030730_BRANCH/src/webmin-ldap-skolelinux/ remove user-private groups from class list
split out EnterManyUsers from CreateMoreUsers.tmpl.html
22367 5703d 12h andreas /branches/from_wls2_n20030730_BRANCH/src/webmin-ldap-skolelinux/ "adding of users" works in the backend
"CreateMoreUsers.tmpl.html" split
removed selected entries from select list
resultspage prints results properly.
22347 5704d 12h andreas /branches/from_wls2_n20030730_BRANCH/src/webmin-ldap-skolelinux/ frontend mostly done
backend mostly working
22272 5706d 01h andreas /branches/from_wls2_n20030730_BRANCH/src/webmin-ldap-skolelinux/ made several types and classes selectable at once (allmost complete)
display the proper translation for the value of the types
made the "adding of users" work in the backend (allmost complete)
22196 5707d 12h andreas /branches/from_wls2_n20030730_BRANCH/src/webmin-ldap-skolelinux/ input works, backend half done for adding many users  
22096 5710d 13h andreas /branches/from_wls2_n20030730_BRANCH/src/webmin-ldap-skolelinux/ lots of small syntax errors fixed; page displayes!  
22075 5711d 12h andreas /branches/from_wls2_n20030730_BRANCH/src/webmin-ldap-skolelinux/html-templates/ template für Mass-creation of users  
22074 5711d 12h andreas /branches/from_wls2_n20030730_BRANCH/src/webmin-ldap-skolelinux/ preparing work on mass-creation of users  
21942 5713d 13h andreas /branches/from_wls2_n20030730_BRANCH/src/webmin-ldap-skolelinux/ inital checkin of  
21939 5713d 14h andreas /branches/from_wls2_n20030730_BRANCH/src/webmin-ldap-skolelinux/ switch to CGI::Application and HTML::Template  
21929 5713d 16h /branches/ This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
21928 5713d 16h pere /trunk/src/webmin-ldap-skolelinux/ Make sure all new objects have objectClass: top. This should fix bug #418.  
21927 5713d 16h knuty /trunk/www/driftskonsepter/ mer om levetidskostnader  
21926 5713d 17h pere /trunk/src/task-skolelinux/ CVS_SILENT Updated to current list. (cron)  
21925 5713d 17h pere /trunk/src/task-skolelinux/ Updated to current list. (cron)  
21924 5713d 17h gudrun /trunk/i18n/openoffice/po/nn/hjelp/swriter/01/ omsett  
21923 5713d 18h gudrun /trunk/i18n/openoffice/po/nn/hjelp/swriter/01/ omsett  
21922 5713d 18h knuty /trunk/www/driftskonsepter/ grunnlaget for vurdering av levetidskostnader  
21921 5713d 18h harald /trunk/i18n/openoffice/po/nb/tips/ Oversatt streng 1 til 1107 i ht-smath.po

Rettet tvilsomme strenger i ht-glossary.po:
98-99, 168, 90, 91-95, 408, 1145, 1969, 2325, 407, 585, 904, 3010-3011, 598, 596, 874 og 1894.
Nynorskutgaven trenger også en titt på linje 95, 585, 3010-3011 og 598.

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