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1451 6330d 04h /tags/ This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag
1450 6330d 04h pere /trunk/src/task-skolelinux/debian/ New version 0.1-4.  
1449 6330d 12h pere /trunk/ Updated to current list. (cron)  
1448 6330d 15h pere /trunk/src/task-skolelinux/lists/ Add dsh, a nice administrative tool.  
1447 6330d 15h pere /trunk/src/task-skolelinux/lists/ Don't exclude exim, as it is needed by the base system.  
1446 6330d 15h pere /trunk/src/ Add check to detect if we try to exclude any of the base packages.  
1445 6330d 18h pere /trunk/ Updated to current list. (cron)  
1444 6331d 00h pere /trunk/ Updated to current list. (cron)  
1443 6331d 00h pere /trunk/src/task-skolelinux/lists/ Update list of development (programming) tools.  
1442 6331d 00h pere /trunk/src/task-skolelinux/lists/ Add grub to get the boot loader we want.  
1441 6331d 00h pere /trunk/ Make log.list2cds available on the web.  
1440 6331d 00h pere /trunk/src/task-skolelinux/lists/ Reorder package list. Move XFree86 v3 to the end, to make it visible
how much XFree86 v4 uses on the CD.
1439 6331d 03h gautehk /trunk/i18n/other/nn/ Ymse sm√•forbetringar, allokera->tildela og anna  
1438 6331d 04h pere /trunk/src/task-skolelinux/lists/ Even better, use metapackage x-window-system.  
1437 6331d 04h pere /trunk/src/task-skolelinux/lists/ Move problematic packages (gtm, gcj, gnucash) out of package lists and
into 'missing' lists.
1436 6331d 04h pere /trunk/src/task-skolelinux/lists/ Use metapackage x-window-system-core.  
1434 6331d 04h pere /trunk/i18n/other/nb/ Checked the fuzzy translations.  
1433 6331d 06h pere /trunk/ Updated to current list. (cron)  
1432 6331d 12h pere /trunk/ Updated to current list. (cron)  
1431 6331d 15h gautehk /trunk/i18n/kde-i18n/debian/ Skulelinux kde-i18n packages 2001-11-23  

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