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1769 6307d 19h /tags/ This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'RELEASE_0_2'.  
1768 6307d 19h pere /trunk/src/cfengine-skolelinux/debian/ New release 0.2.  
1767 6307d 19h pere /trunk/src/cfengine-skolelinux/bin/ Get the cron job working.  
1766 6307d 19h pere /trunk/src/ldap-skolelinux/debian/ Correct permissions on installed schema file.  
1765 6307d 19h pere /trunk/src/ldap-skolelinux/debian/ Try to get rid of some lintinan warnings.  
1764 6308d 14h knuty /trunk/www/info/prosjektet/ Avtaleprinsipp i regi av LINUX I SKOLEN  
1763 6308d 14h knuty /trunk/www/info/prosjektet/ Avtalekatalog i regi av LINUX I SKOLEN  
1762 6308d 18h pere /trunk/www/info/cdbygging/ Update Debian links.  
1761 6308d 19h pere /trunk/i18n/ Started on translation contacts list.  
1760 6309d 15h tfheen /trunk/src/cfengine-skolelinux/cf/ cfengine sets debian if this is a debian box.  
1759 6309d 15h tfheen /trunk/src/cfengine-skolelinux/cf/ Update according to <>  
1758 6310d 10h pere /trunk/src/ Fix the test to detect if files where changed.  
1757 6310d 11h pere /trunk/ Updated to current list. (cron)  
1756 6310d 12h pere /trunk/src/cfengine-skolelinux/cf/ Typo.  
1755 6310d 12h pere /trunk/src/cfengine-skolelinux/cf/ Add trailing slash to URL.  
1754 6310d 13h pere /trunk/l10n/user-sme/ Track changed locale name from sme to se. New version 0.3.  
1752 6310d 13h pere /trunk/src/cfengine-skolelinux/debian/ New version 0.1-3.  
1751 6310d 13h pere /trunk/src/ Use debuild instead of dpkg-buildpackage.  
1750 6310d 14h pere /trunk/src/cfengine-skolelinux/cf/ Turn X11 forwardning on for SSH.  
1749 6310d 14h pere /trunk/src/cfengine-skolelinux/cf/ Add X11 xkb keyboard option for sami keyboards.  

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