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31170 5470d 07h /tags/ This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag
31169 5470d 07h mariwan /trunk/src/ added build-stamp  
31168 5470d 07h mariwan /trunk/src/debian-edu-doc/debian/ adjusted paths for building from sensible directory  
31167 5470d 07h mariwan /trunk/src/debian-edu-doc/debian/ avoid rerunning the script, now uses build-stamp  
31166 5470d 08h builder /trunk/src/task-skolelinux/ CVS_SILENT Updated to current list. (cron)  
31165 5470d 08h builder /trunk/src/task-skolelinux/ Updated to current list. (cron)  
31164 5470d 08h builder /trunk/src/task-skolelinux/debian/ CVS_SILENT Skolelinux packages 2004-03-28T16:45+0200  
31163 5470d 08h axelb /trunk/i18n/openoffice/utils/ Noen små rettelser etter erfaring med automatiske feiloversettelser  
31162 5470d 08h pma /trunk/www/testing/wlus/ Updated after test.  
31161 5470d 08h gautehk /trunk/i18n/head-kde-i18n/nn/messages/kdeaccessibility/ Omsett fram til 65 av 167  
31160 5470d 08h jorgenhg /trunk/i18n/head-kde-i18n/nb/messages/kdesdk/ oversatt fram til streng 238  
31159 5470d 08h pere /trunk/www/info/cdbygging/ tetex-brev do have the correct source in the archive.  
31158 5470d 09h korsvoll /trunk/i18n/other/nb/debian/ Allereie omsette strengar av discover for bokmaal.  
31157 5470d 09h knuty /trunk/www/ linkråte  
31156 5470d 09h mariwan /trunk/src/debian-edu-doc/debian/ removed obsolete script  
31155 5470d 09h mariwan /trunk/src/debian-edu-doc/debian/ removed obsolete script reference  
31154 5470d 09h mariwan /trunk/src/debian-edu-doc/debian/ removed user id test  
31153 5470d 09h axelb /trunk/i18n/other/nb/debian/ Vasket transpo tom. streng 65  
31152 5470d 09h mariwan /trunk/src/ removed files from old skolelinux-doc-package  
31151 5470d 09h mariwan /trunk/src/skolelinux-doc/ removed files from old skolelinux-doc package  

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