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6929 6100d 10h /tags/ This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'release_0_09'.  
6928 6100d 10h pere /trunk/src/debian-installer-skolelinux/autopartkit/ New release 0.09. Forgot to remove the code made obsolete by normalize_requirements().  
6926 6100d 10h pere /trunk/src/debian-installer-skolelinux/autopartkit/ Code cleanup, moving some code into new function get_device_path(). New release 0.08.  
6925 6100d 10h pere /trunk/src/debian-installer-skolelinux/autopartkit/ New function normalize_requirements() to make sure minsize <= maxsize,
and that root (/) is the first entry in the table of requirements.
6924 6100d 11h pere /trunk/src/debian-installer-skolelinux/autopartkit/ Only create directories for the mounting points we use.  
6923 6100d 11h builder /trunk/src/task-skolelinux/debian/ CVS_SILENT Skolelinux packages 2002-07-09T00:45+0200  
6922 6100d 11h pere /trunk/src/task-skolelinux/ CVS_SILENT Updated to current list. (cron)  
6921 6100d 11h pere /trunk/src/debian-installer-skolelinux/autopartkit/ Add linefeed to debug message.  
6920 6100d 11h pere /trunk/src/task-skolelinux/lists/ Take out timidity-patches until we can find 10 MB free space on the CD.  
6919 6100d 12h pere /trunk/src/debian-cd/tasks/ Remove file-retriever on request from Tollef. He told me it is just a proof of consept.  
6918 6100d 13h pere /trunk/src/task-skolelinux/ CVS_SILENT Updated to current list. (cron)  
6917 6100d 15h pere /trunk/src/task-skolelinux/ CVS_SILENT Updated to current list. (cron)  
6916 6100d 15h pere /trunk/src/task-skolelinux/ Updated to current list. (cron)  
6915 6100d 16h pere /trunk/www/info/prosjektet/delprosjekt/ Add Axel Bojer.  
6913 6100d 17h pere /trunk/src/rebuilds/base-config/debian/ Prepare for new release.  
6912 6100d 17h builder /trunk/src/base-config-skolelinux/debian/ CVS_SILENT Skolelinux packages 2002-07-08T19:00+0200  
6911 6100d 17h pere /trunk/src/task-skolelinux/ CVS_SILENT Updated to current list. (cron)  
6910 6100d 17h pere /trunk/src/base-config-skolelinux/base-config/ Avoid calling read. It might disturb debconf.  
6909 6100d 17h pere /trunk/src/base-config-skolelinux/base-config/ Forgot to include the common functions. Now fixed.  
6908 6100d 18h pere /trunk/src/rebuilds/base-config/ Only disable $LANG and $LANGUAGE if they are set.  

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