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23452 5675d 11h /tags/ This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag
23451 5675d 11h finnarne /trunk/src/webmin-ldap-skolelinux/debian/ Released 0.1-37  
23450 5675d 11h finnarne /trunk/src/webmin-ldap-skolelinux/debian/ Changed configure to NO-configure, and added configure to the list of action that does nothing :) Fixes #458 for now.  
23449 5675d 11h finnarne /trunk/src/webmin-ldap-skolelinux/ Removed Invite a friend request  
23448 5675d 11h finnarne /trunk/src/webmin-ldap-skolelinux/ It should be possible to invite a friend into a personal group.  
23447 5675d 12h pere /trunk/src/task-skolelinux/ CVS_SILENT Updated to current list. (cron)  
23446 5675d 12h pere /trunk/src/task-skolelinux/ Updated to current list. (cron)  
23445 5675d 12h finnarne /trunk/src/webmin-ldap-skolelinux/ Added lines to connect to the server, with tls.  
23443 5675d 12h finnarne /trunk/src/webmin-ldap-skolelinux/debian/ Released v 0.1-36  
23442 5675d 12h finnarne /trunk/src/webmin-ldap-skolelinux/ Cleared CHANGES before a new release  
23441 5675d 13h finnarne /trunk/src/webmin-ldap-skolelinux/ Moved the creation of pub and priv before the ownership is set.  
23440 5675d 14h pere /trunk/src/task-skolelinux/ CVS_SILENT Updated to current list. (cron)  
23439 5675d 15h korsvoll /trunk/i18n/head-kde-i18n/nn/messages/docs/kdenetwork/ Språkvask i KMail-handboka  
23438 5675d 15h korsvoll /trunk/i18n/head-kde-i18n/nn/docs/kdenetwork/kmail/ Docbook-genererte filer etter språkvask på KMail-handboka.  
23437 5675d 15h korsvoll /trunk/i18n/head-kde-i18n/nn/docs/kdebase/kcontrol/ Oppdatering av index-fila  
23436 5675d 15h korsvoll /trunk/i18n/head-kde-i18n/nn/docs/kdebase/ Ferdige docbook-filer for handboka til Konqueror.  
23435 5675d 16h pere /trunk/src/task-skolelinux/ CVS_SILENT Updated to current list. (cron)  
23434 5675d 18h pere /trunk/src/task-skolelinux/ CVS_SILENT Updated to current list. (cron)  
23433 5675d 19h pere /trunk/www/kurs/ CVS_SILENT Generated from DocBook source.  
23432 5675d 19h pere /trunk/www/kurs/ Generating PDF documents seen to work fine now.  

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