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45933 4853d 07h fjemtland /trunk/ New updated usermap  
28248 5545d 19h pere /trunk/ Add Kai Hendry.  
25598 5615d 03h pere /trunk/ Add guillem.  
25594 5615d 04h pere /trunk/ Add memenk.  
25585 5615d 05h pere /trunk/ Add werner.  
23092 5680d 08h pere /trunk/ Børre Gaup is now using  
22888 5686d 05h pere /trunk/ Add a few new commiters.  
17854 5812d 00h pere /trunk/ Update and correct.  
17795 5813d 07h jonas /trunk/ Update ChangeLog.usermap and include script to do it to Makefile.  
16342 5847d 22h pere /trunk/ Add a few new names.  
15837 5858d 18h pere /trunk/ Add a few new names.  
14614 5885d 20h pere /trunk/ Add new developers.  
14099 5895d 05h pere /trunk/ Add more entries.  
14097 5895d 06h pere /trunk/ Add a few entries.  
8727 6060d 10h pere /trunk/ Typo.  
8086 6069d 05h pere /trunk/ Add tore and ilmari.  
6455 6116d 11h pere /trunk/ Corrected the email address of Kristoffer Tjernås.  
6435 6117d 07h huftis /trunk/ Oppdatert e-postadresse: -->  
4245 6174d 11h pere /trunk/ Correct the email address of Børre Gaup.  
4244 6174d 11h pere /trunk/ Add a few new ones, and sort the list.  

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