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27 5357d 05h /tags/ This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag
26 5357d 05h pere /trunk/debian/ Release version 2.4.0-1.  
25 5357d 06h pere /trunk/debian/ Remove fluff.  
24 5357d 06h pere /trunk/debian/ Generate new copyright file.  
23 5357d 06h pere /trunk/debian/ Get rule generating the copyright file working.  
22 5357d 06h pere /trunk/debian/ Changed suggests latex to tetex-extra, to make sure latex class
file 'scrartcl.cls' is available when the suggested package is
installed. (Closes: #248593)
21 5357d 06h pere /trunk/debian/ Add /usr/lib/sql-ledger/index.html redirecting to (Closes: #258611)  
20 5357d 07h pere /trunk/debian/patches/ Remove patch for It is no longer needed.  
18 5357d 07h pere /trunk/debian/patches/ Typo.  
17 5357d 07h pere /trunk/debian/patches/ More translations.  
16 5357d 08h pere /trunk/debian/patches/ Avoid hardcoding perl module names.  
15 5357d 08h pere /trunk/debian/patches/ Include name of translators.  
14 5357d 08h pere /trunk/debian/patches/ Better and more complete translation.  
13 5357d 09h pere /trunk/debian/patches/ Add the new files in 2.4.0.  
12 5357d 09h pere /trunk/debian/ Update to version 2.4.0.  
11 5357d 19h pere /trunk/debian/patches/ Correct translation.  
10 5357d 19h pere /trunk/debian/patches/ Avoid hardcoding locale list and some file names.  
9 5357d 19h pere /trunk/debian/ Correct file path in README.Debian. (Closes: #252595)  
8 5357d 19h pere /trunk/debian/patches/ Correct language name for no language code.  
7 5357d 20h pere /trunk/debian/patches/ Split patches into self-contained fragments.  

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