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81 5199d 17h /tags/ This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag
80 5199d 17h pere /trunk/debian/ * Rewrite the new helper script sql-ledger-enable, to follow the
Debian apache config schema.
79 5199d 17h pere /trunk/debian/ releasing version 2.4.7-2  
77 5199d 18h pere /trunk/debian/ releasing version 2.4.7-1  
76 5199d 19h pere /trunk/debian/ *** empty log message ***  
75 5199d 19h pere /trunk/debian/ Typo.  
74 5201d 01h pere /trunk/debian/patches/ Use the png image instead of the gif image.  
73 5201d 01h pere /trunk/debian/ Prepare for version 2.4.7-1.  
71 5219d 19h pere /trunk/debian/ * New upstream version.
* Petter Reinholdtsen
- 20norwegian.dpatch: Removing. The changes are now upstream.
- 40imagepath.dpatch: Updated patch to match new upstream
- Added script debian/all2po. It can convert between gettext .po
files and the SQL-ledger translation files. The script is sent
70 5219d 19h pere /trunk/debian/ releasing version 2.4.6-1  
69 5219d 19h pere /trunk/debian/ Script to generate .po files from the translation files in sql-ledger.  
67 5225d 12h pere /trunk/debian/ releasing version 2.4.5-1  
66 5225d 13h pere /trunk/debian/ The new version will fix a few bugs.  
65 5225d 13h pere /trunk/debian/patches/ Install images used by latex (and html?) templates.  
64 5225d 14h pere /trunk/debian/patches/ Forgot one image path.  
63 5227d 10h pere /trunk/debian/ Updated to version 2.4.5.  
62 5339d 01h pere /trunk/debian/patches/ Correct path in patch. Sent patch upstream.  
61 5339d 11h pere /trunk/debian/ Remove some cruft.  
60 5339d 11h pere /trunk/debian/ Improve copyright generation code slightly.  
59 5339d 11h pere /trunk/debian/ Updated copyright file with new tranlators.  

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